Monday, June 25, 2012

My Absense

I  have been struggling.

It has been a very tough several weeks, and I let myself get down emotionally. I had a death i the family, and what made that death worse, was I allowed it to influence my food habits- I decided "I can eat crazy for a few days- I'll be ok, and get back on once I am back in Ca"

If your just read that statement and replied, "Yeah Right" or "I've Heard that one before" then you get me- Because its now been a week and two days- I haven't been crazy that whole time- but I also haven't been in control. I have not been counting my food at all, and some days I just did really dumb things.

I am telling you about this, not because I love being honest, but because I know that in this confession of my trash I can move forward- Today is a new day, and I am capable of making this day a healthy one-

I got up and grabbed apples and almonds, and Bran crisp bread wafers- I know that my eating today will be better and that I am in control- I am moving forward the right way.

If you have been struggling, I urge you to take a minute- Tweet me, Post below, send me a private message on Facebook. I want to help support you, but you have to first admit you need support. Today can be your day 1.

Take it- Run with it- Be Healthy

Monday, June 11, 2012

Brain and Body Week 5

This was week five for Dr. Amen's Brain and Body Makeover, and I feel great. 

I really feel that my decision making, and my thought process is becoming more clear. I would almost equate it to coming out of a fog. 

When I was in a fog, I would never admit to the uncertainty, and I always would trudge forward, but with caution. Now, the vale has been lifted and its like I can really see what is happening and make better, more educated decisions about what I do, and how I do it. 

Now I will tell you, I had every intension of weighing in, and I still have that intention, BUT I am on a trip to Texas until the 17th, and I DONT HAVE A SCALE! 

Talk about not thinking things through! UGH! SO my weight when I left california was at 281.8. That is down about three pounds which I'll take as good! But now, I will have to wait to weigh myself again until I am home... 

Well- Thank you all! I'll have more for you as the week goes on! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Home Videos 2 for BL CASTING BL14!

When it comes to Home Videos to be catsed by the Biggest Loser Season 14 Casting Team, I have some tips!

I gave my first Home Video Tips Youtube to Holland Weathers, one of the MASTER CASTERS for BL and She had a few suggestions! SO! I MADE A SECOND VIDEO to focus on her Ideas!

Also, I used some examples from MY OWN home video for the Biggest Loser Casting Process, YOU will get to see some of the footage that help Cast my Dad and I for Season 11!

Enjoy! and if you have questions, Post below or
Tweet me on Twitter!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pain is Temporary

How many times do we find ourselves wishing the pain would just go away. We wish it was over, the lesson was learned, the pain subsided- that this hell we endure would be only a simple glimpse.

When we wish pain away, we forget that pain is a necessary part of our Journeys. Pain teaches us. Pain Motivates us. Pain changes us-

Oz Pinnoy, the Filipino Australian Body Builder, has a video out describing Pain and its value:

What is YOUR Pain?

Post it below or
Tweet me on Twitter!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm number 1?

I recently was reading an article in ESPN Magazine that focused on Athlete's and their declarations of being number 1. The editor who wrote the piece was commenting on how every athlete seems to be doing it, and then he quoted one Basketball players as saying that he HAS to believe it, to be able to do it.

How does this apply to us? Its simple, really. We cant just think its possible, we can't just know its possible, we cant even know that is should be happening- We Must believe and act that its true and happening.

This IS Truth, I DO believe it,
I AM NOT JUST Capable, BUT I AM #1- 

Believe It, Be It. 

What are YOU Capable of?

Post it below or Tweet me on Twitter!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

RetroFit Week

I could not be more excited to tell you about the OFFICIAL opportunity that has come to light!! My Dad and I have been working tirelessly for months to bring to you the RetroFit Week at the Biggest Loser Resorts!

Given my dads career and life's calling(Christian Pastor) and while also seeing more articles everyday based on the fact that Obesity is encouraged and rampant within the church community in the United States- My Dad and I are hosting a week at The Biggest Loser Resorts that focus' on our Faith and how that belief system partners with our fitness to embrace a life of health. 

I believe that we live in a world that is facing the facts with obesity, and we want to offer men and women of faith the ability to see the connections and understand the depth of their spiritual relationship with God and how that relationship involved our physical health and being. 

If you are interested in joining my dad and I at The RetroFit week at the Biggest Loser Resorts Niagara, or if you are just looking for more information, please go to this page and fill out the small form so that my dad or I can contact you soon! 
RetroFit Week

Also, I'll take any questions you might have, just post them below or Tweet me on Twitter!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Brain Envy

The circles are where I need improvement

I met with Dr. Amen, and he had me go through his SPECT imaging to see my brain. I was expecting to see one of two things, either a Brian that would look like Swiss cheese with holes in it and lots of issues, or a brain that was spotless...

I was neither of these brains, I had a few places that the doctor circled and said "let's work on these" and then we looked at some of my decision making.

In seeing the pictures of my brain, I was ECSTATIC! This really gives me a drive to push, because seriously, I have brain envy.

I know what a great brain looks like, and I know that my brain can look that way. I want to make my brain look the best that it EVER will, and to do that I have to choose to have the best brain ever.

Brain envy is taking me over. Join me in a journey for the best brain, the best body, and the best life you can have-

I have decided that Starting next week, I will be Weighing in weekly by camera. One of the biggest issues I feel that many have are that they don't want to face the facts. I want to lead by example- so help keep me accountable.

My goal, Is that by the end of summer, I say good bye to the 250's. Right now I weigh 284.8. I'll see you guys in a week- so lets weigh in!
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